Storytelling for Adults

I have told stories to appreciative adult audiences in a variety of settings from festivals to cafes to church halls to private parties. Some of my stories are funny, some are thought-provoking, others are decidedly Grimm, but always they are well received. I am co-host of two storytelling clubs for adults: Stafford Knot Storytelling Club SKSC and Lichfield Storytellers Tales in the Courtyard Lichfield Storytellers, and I am co-director of the Martineau Gardens Storytelling Festival. I can offer various ready-made storytelling shows, all based on traditional and folk tales:

The Pirate and the Devil’s Tongue Four strangers meet at a remote Cornish inn. At the fireside, each tells a tale but each hides a secret and not all are sure of surviving the night. Pirate tales and songs entwine with eye-witness accounts to take you to a perilous time. A gripping and intriguing show.

Jack o’London If it takes a thief to catch a thief, what’s to be done about murder? As characters from Victorian London’s myth and fable encounter historical folk on the capital’s streets, Jack, watching from the rooftops, finds himself literally above the law as he seeks truth and retribution. With lesser-known traditional tales and songs, audiences find this show absorbing and entertaining.

Devon Folk and Family Picking my way among the roots of west country folklore and myth, I unravel and patch back together the mystery of old tales, the warmth of reminiscence and the joy of song to create a conversation between living memory and times long ago.

A Way Through the Woods A mysterious lifetime’s journey told through interwoven traditional tales: man in harmony with the rhythm of the seasons in deep forests and on ancient roads.

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night Prepare to be chilled by creepy tales of ghosts, ghouls and all sorts of supernatural happenings; perfect for when the nights draw in and the spooks come out.

Fiery Fables, Winter Tales Be transported to frozen lands where miraculous legends are born. Hear some scorchingly good stories to warm you when the days are cold, and maybe meet a few winter spectres too.

Do contact me to discuss your needs; I have a large repertoire of stories and I can adapt to most occasions.