Storytelling Workshops

Get started as a storyteller, increase your confidence and have fun. Oral storytelling without books is a vital and living art form, rooted in tradition but fresh and alive today. Children and adults alike love the immediacy, the sharing and the communication that they experience when telling a story face to face.

I lead workshops for teachers and other staff that are fun and informative. You will increase your knowledge of story sources, and you will learn a variety of storytelling techniques in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Traditional stories have survived so long because they have something to say, and in a way that children (and adults) want to hear; it’s an easy step to find ways of using storytelling as a creative teaching tool.

I run workshops for children, which help children with their confidence in speaking and listening and also help with verbal reasoning and logic; these skills in turn support reading and writing.

I am a very experienced trainer, with an extensive knowledge of both child learning and storytelling, and skills as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I have a strong background in training school, nursery and children’s centre staff and others. I also specialise in training staff who work with people with a learning disability: see the Special Needs section.